Hearts From Caleb

This is probably the most difficult page for me to create on this site, because these hearts all have messages from Caleb that I received after he died. I believe that we had such a strong connection that he comes back to me, shows me hearts and gives me messages. After you read what it says about each heart, I think you will agree with me. As of today, September 13, 2013, I have received seven hearts. One was today on my birthday and it is not pictured here, because I didn't take a picture of it. It was on the back of a license plate when I was sitting at Starbucks with my dog trainer and my new dog, Ace after we had been talking about Caleb.

paint heart

This heart was outside my door when I went to live in a studio apartment shortly after Caleb 
died. I thought it was nice and I thought about him, but there 
wasn't any real message there. 
A few days later there was a woman in front of me on a motorcycle when I was sitting 
at a red light and she had 
helmet on that had pink and red hearts on it. Something about her helmet caused me to think that maybe it was him. The hearts seemed to have a glow about them.

This heart was actually one that I had in with some rocks that I had found at the beach 
a while ago. I found it again after I started working with 
my plants on the patio and trying to feel like I was home again, even without a dog. That is when I started to feel 
a comforting presence as if to tell me it was going to be okay. This is when I felt inspired to go to the beach which brings me to the next two hearts.

I found these hearts when I went to the beach. I found one and it seemed to glow at me like the ones on the motorcycle helmet. 
I felt the comforting presence again telling me it was going to 
be okay. As I listened to the ocean and walked along the beach, I felt like I was hearing Caleb tell me that he would always be with me and would never leave. I asked him how I could be sure and then I found another shell shaped like a heart.

This one was one of the most powerful and painful ones. I found it very difficult to walk anywhere that I knew Caleb would have enjoyed after he died. I could handle the beach, but it took me a long time to be able to handle walking along the paved path with lots of beautiful trees lining the gated communities 
where you can walk for miles off of Wiggins 
Pass Road. I finally got 
to the point where I could walk down the path and when I was on my way back, I saw this heart shaped from the asphalt. The pain was so terrible within me at first that I felt like I could not stand it. I told him that he knew I couldn't handle this kind of pain. He started to tell me that I needed to feel the pain no matter how bad it was, so I could start feeling better. When I first saw the heart, he said, "I am here. My heart is in your heart and I will always be here." I found it easier to walk on the path after that. In spite of the pain, each day became easier.

This heart with the world inside is from when I went to the Shoppes at Vanderbilt Farmer's Market with a friend's daughter. We came across this display of hand painted items, including rocks. I saw this one and she found another one that she 
liked. I flipped it over and here is what it said, "Be the Change You Want to See in the World." I believe this was his message for me and perhaps for the world. I had that feeling when I looked at the message. Caleb was the kind of 
dog who had such a great disposition that he brought out the best in everyone. He was beautiful inside and out. He was so loving 
and tolerant. He also had a lot of wisdom and he was a great teacher. When I would get upset with a 
utility company on the phone he would look at me and say through his mind the way I believe dogs do 
or at least he did and say, "You need to work on that." :)

This one was kind of a surprise. The day after the one year anniversary of Caleb's death, I started to think that I wasn't going to see anymore hearts, because I hadn't seen one in a while. I walked into the Oake Farms Market off of Davis Blvd, wandered around, and bought a sandwich. Then I went outside and sat at a picnic table and ate it. I started to go to my car to leave and for some reason I felt like I should go back into the store. I found myself standing in this aisle looking around and I wasn't even sure why. Then I looked down and I could not believe what I saw! It was this heart! The floor was scuffed and it made the shape of a heart! When I saw this one, I just laughed and said, "Okay, you are still here!" After that it was almost as if I could feel him smiling down at me from heaven. I believe it is like he said, "My heart is in your heart and I will always be here." I think he will continue to send me hearts when he feels like it though and I am looking forward to seeing more of them until we meet again. Thank you my sweet, wonderful, beautiful, Caleb! :) xoxo