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My Collie club, Greater Tampa Bay Collie Club hosted a holistic and chiropractic veterinary seminar in Bradenton, Florida that was given by Dr. Iris Ramirez, DVM. The seminar was about two hours long. It was very informative and educational for our club. We learned about various holistic remedies and supplements to help keep our pets healthy and heal them when necessary. We also learned about the practice of using chiropractic treatment on dogs. 

Dr. Iris came to me as a result of my attendance at a Health and Harmony Center open house in Fort Myers where I met Dr. Robert Murdoch, an Acupuncture Physician and described Caleb's condition to him. He immediately recommended Dr. Iris. This was in December 2011 and Dr. Iris began treatment soon after I met her. Within months Caleb was feeling better and able to go on longer walks. She treated him with a series chiropractic adjustments and holistic supplements. I saw a big change in Caleb’s condition after just a few treatments and I believe that Dr. Iris’s care extended Caleb’s life by about six months. By February, he was looking at me like, "I am going to beat this thing!" I was amazed! This prompted me to talk to my Collie club about having an educational seminar with Dr. Iris to educate them on these practices so that their dogs could also be helped by this type of veterinary medicine. The seminar was given in April 2012. I wanted to take Caleb to be Dr. Iris's model/patient for the seminar, but I knew the trip would be too hard on him, so we got another dog to fill in. As you can tell from the home page on this website, Caleb passed away about one month after the seminar on May 25, 2012 at 13 ½ years old. He lived a good, long life and the end of it was made much more comfortable with the exceptional care of Dr. Iris.

During the first part of the seminar Dr. Iris adjusted Karen's dog, Nikki. She adjusted what is known as the L-1 and T-7 or 8. She also adjusted her S-I joint. Dr. Iris explained that the major principle is that the body has the inborn or natural ability to maintain health and defend against disease. She said that disease occurs when the nervous system (the tool of the innate intelligence of the body) is not able to properly communicate with and direct the tissues of the body. She further explained that although the methods vary according to definition, chiropractic manipulation involves the application of short defined force to release the areas of the obstructed nerve flow. She also stated that only a trained graduate of a chiropractic school can provide chiropractic manipulations and that she has completed the certification course for licensed veterinarians and chiropractors to apply these principles to animals.

The second half of the seminar consisted of a round table discussion in which Dr. Iris explained the benefits of the various holistic supplements that I brought with me for review. Here are some of the recommendations that Dr. Iris made to the Collie club as a result of this discussion.

Recommended Earthborn food and said it was okay to use Interceptor for heartworm

Recommended Neem from Buck Mountain for fleas

Recommended Missing Link and Fish Oil for coat growth

Recommended Canine Total Body Support for pregnant bitches

Recommended Progressive Labs for ordering supplements that they have available, because they sell to the public

In addition, she provided a brief definition for the use of each of the supplements. They are all from Standard Process with the exception of the Klamath-Blue Green Tabs and must be ordered  by a qualified professional such as Dr. Iris .

This is Caleb one month before he passed away. He is at the Movies on the Lawn at the Mercato enjoying kids. This would never have been possible without Dr. Iris. Thank you so much, Dr. Iris. I will never be able to thank you enough! :)

For questions or help with your own pet in the Southwest Florida area, contact Dr. Iris. :)

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