This page has a list of all of the contests that Caleb won and things that he did which are unique and memorable. Caleb won four collie club contests and four other dog contests. Each picture is either a win picture or a picture of how he looked at that time in his life. He was always a beautiful boy! 

MWCC Puppy Match 2003 - 1st Place

MWCC Puppy Match 2004 - 1st Place

GTBCC Puppy Match 2007 - 2nd Place

GTBCCPuppy Match 2009 - 3rd Place 



Top 15 Cutest Pets in Collier County 2009 - Made Top 15

Evanger Dog Food 2010 - 
Won place in July Calendar

SWFL Dogs in Paradise Social Dog Group Halloween Contest - Won 3rd Place with Dragon Costume - 2010
Bark in the Park 2011 - Won Oldest Dog Contest

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